Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NCC4CA Summit at UNC Asheville

Change of date: The summit is to happen on Saturday, January 31st, 2009. HOLA(The Latino outreach group at UNC Asheville) and the chapter of the NCC4CA is continuing to make plans for the summit. We would like to get ideas from everyone from other campuses for the summit. At the Oct 26 teleconference we had talked about having the first half of the day be a recap of what has been going on at each campus and the second part of the day to have more active and productive workshops, and I would like to see what sort of ideas everyone has for said workshops.
-Gabi Lemus
UNC Asheville Representative

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NCC4CA Conference/Summit January 09

At the teleconference one of the things we discussed was the time and place of the next NCC4CA Conference/summit. The summit is to happen on Saturday, January 17, 2009. It would be good to have 3-4 people from each campus come. The agenda would be morning recap and afternoon workshops with practical outputs.
HOLA (The Hispanic Oureach for Learning and Awareness) at UNC Asheville has been making plans and reservations for the event. The only cost to participants would be transportation, but if this is an issue we can work something out. Food will be provided. Everyone seemed to be ok with the idea, but I still want to make sure that no one has any inconvenience with the conference being at UNC Asheville so that we can continue making all the required plans to make this event successful and productive.
-Gabi Lemus
UNC Asheville

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Invite your representatives to breakfast!

The UNC-CH chapter of C4CA met with our district's NC Senator, Ellie Kinnaird. She shared her perspective on the current political atmosphere in the NC General Assembly, specifically in reference to immigration-related issues. A key recommendation that came out of our talk was that it would be helpful for chapters across North Carolina to sit down with their representatives. She suggested grabbing breakfast at a diner – affordable, and leaves them (and you) the day to work.

Some possible goals for this kind of a meeting would be:
1. Put a face on the pro-access movement. Since anti-immigrant groups are very effective at call-ins, we have to show that the pro-access movement is strong and viable.
2. Have an in-depth discussion of what C4CA stands for, hopefully dispelling some misconceptions about the issue in the process.
3. Forming rapport with our representatives before the January session begins. This way when legislation is on the table, our lobbying efforts will be based in a pre-existing relationship.

Before or after the election?
BOTH! Before the election, you will most likely meet with a staffer. After, you can have a sit-down with whoever wins the election.

Who are our representatives?
(Bottom right hand corner "Who Represents Me?")

Informing ourselves before the breakfast:
• Adelante Education Coalition
*links to resources at bottom of page
• Coalition for College Access Factsheet


Hi everyone!

Now we can post information easily without dealing with inviting ten million people to googledocs!

All sign-in info was emailed out... email rcraft@email.unc.edu if you don't have it for some reason (I can also make sure we have your email correctly for our googledoc listserv).